It is also known as the backbone of any healthcare service provider and is the she tanker of health services provided by the Ayushman hospitals and health services. The wide spectrum of disease and other conditions makes this department and its physicians and its highly qualified physicians the center point of medical care.

Internal medicine, geriatrics, respiratory, endocrine, joint ailments, diabetes and heart diseases, renal and neurologic conditions all find their way first to the internist (internal medicine physicians). As in general surgery, and so in general medicine, the department is responsible for feeding all the other sub and super specialties related to the medical side.

Armed with nothing but a stethoscope and hammer, these stalwarts of the noblest profession can be seen moving from one area of the hospital to the other attending to patients of all types with all sorts of problems. Common diseases like malaria, typhoid and dengue to complicated and ill understood ailments, all are handled expertly by our physicians.