Our surgeons who have the best qualifications and also the best experience in their field of general and laparoscopic surgery are available in the service of our patients. There is a whole array of surgeries being performed at this hospital in order to tackle a vast range of problems which cannot be managed conservatively.

General Laparoscopic Surgery:

Even though a large chunk of surgeries have been redistributed among the super specialization branches of surgery, there still remain a large no. of procedures being done by general surgeons.

The importance of general surgery can never be over emphasized since the first to attend any case of trauma and injury is the general surgeon who assesses and stabilizes the patient and then allocates various modalities of the treatment to the super specialists.

Hence the role of general surgery is most important and our strong general surgery department provides solid foundation for super speciality surgeries.

At Ayushman hospitals, we believe in the concept that the department of general surgery will serve as the basis for general and other superspeciality departments.

Notwithstanding the sub branches, our surgeons can and do operate on the head and neck, chest, abdomen, the breast muscles, tendons and blood vessels.

Skilled technicians, state of the art modular operation theatres and skilled post operative care are responsible for a high turnover of a very successful surgical workload. The competency and expertise of the surgical team can be deduced by looking at the shortest possible hospital stay and zero wound infection grid. The list of surgical complications is negligible and patient satisfaction is very high.

Laparoscopy, minimally invasive, minimal access, bariatric surgery and laparoscopy assisted gynecological surgeries are also being done routinely and with high percentage of success rates.