Modern medical practice is heavily dependent upon the science of imaging. Ayushman hospital and health services boasts of a fully complement of imaging services to help and assist the doctors in diagnosis treatment and follow-up of various medical and surgical problems.

This department is a holistic approach towards diagnostics and laboratory sciences. It shoulders the heavy responsibility of providing diagnostic support to all the other departments and thus, runs 24/7 to be available at any time.


State of the art CT, MRI, X-ray  and ultrasonography are the backbone of our imaging services which are available around the clock additional facilities like dexa bone scan, mammography, echocardiography, color Doppler studies and various radiologically dependent procedures are done routinely.

Many complex surgeries and most orthopedic surgeries using implants and prosthetics are done under the imaging and visualization by C-arms and fluoroscopy.

Located on the same floor, the imaging services are easily accessible. The imaging services not only provide important diagnostic tools but also lend invaluable contribution in the screening and invention of conditions like cancers of various types. Example: Breast MRI, prostate imaging, and liver ultrasound.

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